Ulduar Timewalking

Ulduar Timewalking is an opportunity to go on the adventures of Wrath of the Lich King, even in the conditions of current content. Players can once again travel to Yogg-Saron's prison and battle the ancient god. Undoubtedly, to complete the Ulduar, like many years ago, you will need a good raid group and with the Boost4gold service you will easily overcome all the challenges and receive many rewards. Here you can buy Ulduar Timewalking boost for gold. Leave a request on the website and our manager will contact you as soon as possible to agree on a boost time.

You will get:

  • Ulduar Timewalking full run;
  • Chance to get unique pets and transmog items;
  • Chance to get rare mount Mimiron's Head.


  • 60 level character.

Boost4gold offers boosting services for World of Warcraft. All our services are provided not only real money, but for in-game gold too, and therefore are absolutely legal and safe. We are ready to provide any help in the game World of Warcraft. If you did not find the necessary service or product, write to us and we will make a special offer for you.

How can I buy Ulduar Timewalking boost for real money?

Boost4gold services are mainly provided for in-game gold, but you can also pay for the desired order with real money. For this:

  1. Decide on the desired service;
  2. Add the required product to the cart;
  3. Fill in the contact information in Checkout and select the desired payment method;
  4. Pay for the order in a way convenient for you;
  5. Don't forget to leave a review after completing your order;
  6. Enjoy your rewards.

How does Ulduar Timewalking boost for gold in WoW Shadowlands work?

  • On the boost4gold website you can see the prices for our services. All prices are indicated in the in-game currency - gold.
  • Here you can leave a request for the provision of the service so that our manager will contact you to discuss the details. Or you can write to our live chat yourself.
  • Our manager will select a convenient boost time for you and answer your questions.
  • We will accept payment in gold on your server. Then our boosters will help you achieve the desired rewards.

Why should I buy Ulduar Timewalking boost for gold in WoW Shadowlands?

  1. It's safe - you yourself play on your account during the boost, our boosters only help you get the desired rewards.
  2. This is legal - buying services for in-game gold does not contradict Blizzard's user agreement, so the probability of a ban is excluded.
  3. You don't need to spend real money. For example, you can earn gold at the auction and get the desired rewards with the boosting service Boost4gold.
Ulduar Timewalking

1,920 KGOL

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